Are you in a transition and looking for more clarity and coherence in your life?

Or are you an ambitious frontier person that wants an intellectual partner (or executive coach) around things like post-capitalism, meta-rationality, or networked sociotechnical systems?

Do you want feedback on your important, high-impact writing?

Or perhaps you're looking to get your creative energy flowing for a quirky project?

If so, I'd love to help! Please reach out at

A bit on my background (Linkedin here):

  • Most recently, I co-taught a Blockchain Ethics class at MIT Media Lab. (See syllabus here and MIT Tech Review coverage here.)
  • In addition to my MIT class, I've taught in China, Nepal, and India. Before graduating university, I taught professors at my college (as part of my college's Learning and Teaching Program) and taught computer science to low-income students in Santa Fe.
  • My podcast Grey Mirror has 150,000+ plays

To understand my influences and mindset, see my articles:

I'm inspired by Donella Meadows, Bill Campbell, Richard Feynman, Tara Brach, Krista Tippett, and Fred Rogers.

Here is what some folks have said about me.

You are Neo.

-Random Twitter account.

Rhys is partnering in creating the conditions through which a new epoch of moral and social development/evolution can emerge.

-Bruce Kunkel, ~GameB

Rhys’ work has a prophetic extremism which is deeply attractive and deeply convicting. I invite everyone to tune-in and consider that a church with such frank, vulnerable, earnest ambition would change the world.

-Phil Pawlett Jackson