There are two primary ways to work with me: coaching (for individuals) and consulting (for companies).

Are you in a transition and looking for more clarity and coherence in your life?
Or are you an ambitious frontier person that wants an intellectual partner (or executive coach) around things like post-capitalism, meta-rationality, or networked sociotechnical systems?
Do you want feedback on your important, high-impact writing?
Or perhaps you're looking to get your creative energy flowing for a quirky project?
Is your company experimenting with the future of organizational design? Teal, B-Corporations, etc.

If so, I'd love to help! Please reach out at

A bit on my background:

  • Sociotechnical Systems: Most recently, I co-taught a Blockchain Ethics class at MIT Media Lab. (See syllabus here and MIT Tech Review coverage here.)
  • Events: I co-founded ETHDenver, helped kickstart ETHGlobal, led the first Systems & Society track at Devcon 4, and co-founded the academic journal Cryptoeconomic Systems.
  • Content: My podcast Grey Mirror has 150,000+ plays and has made me tens of thousands of dollars through Patreon.
  • Startups: After college, I co-founded Edify, a music education startup that helped kids make over 2 million songs. We went through Techstars Boulder in 2015, raised ~$1M seed round, and earned a $750,000 NSF grant.

To understand my influences and mindset, see my articles:

My coaching mindset:

  • Be a mirror. Reflectively listen and synthesize your thoughts/feelings so you can understand them better.
  • Focus on your needs and emotions as much as your thoughts. Society is underindexed on feelings, but they are crucial for understanding thoughts.
  • Be well read. Send ideas/frameworks that help people live better lives. We don't need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, I can help you navigate.

What to expect from my our 3-12 month coaching arc:

  • Inner Understanding: Help me understand you better, and help you understand you better.
  • Outward Experiments, Strategy, and Accountability: Test ideas, help with strategy, and be a friend for accountability.
  • Success! You are living a more aligned, more fulfilled life. You no longer pay me money because you don't need my goddamn help anymore, thank you very much :).

My influences are Donella Meadows, Bill Campbell, Richard Feynman, Tara Brach, Krista Tippett, and Fred Rogers.

Here is what some folks have said about me.

You are Neo.


Rhys is partnering in creating the conditions through which a new epoch of moral and social development can emerge.


Rhys’ work has a prophetic extremism which is deeply attractive and deeply convincing. I invite everyone to tune-in and consider that a church with such frank, vulnerable, earnest ambition would change the world.


I believe in projects that have multiplicative effects and you clearly are doing that by exposing more people to the idea that they can do good without expecting anything in return. Please continue spreading the word and advising projects that aim for social good.


Your podcast gives me hope and a clear direction humanity can take for the future. I don't think anyone has quite figured out how to present this story, but if anyone is on the right track on figuring out and sharing this story it's you. You are so vitally important to the community, and this is still only the beginning. I want to do my part in making sure you can focus your energy on all the amazing things you do in this space.


Rhys possesses an impressive blend of deep technical abilities and invaluable people skills. In particular, Rhys' naturally empathic nature and patience make him well-suited to teach and lead a variety of different personalities and put them at ease. This combination of skills, abilities, and personality made Rhys a joy to work with. He would be an asset to any team, group, or organization.


I'm familiar with many product development consultants, but I found Rhys' knowledge and practical application of principles, methods and tools to be exceptional. He coached me in the establishment of a customer development tools and metric tracking. Our sessions were brief and focused, and always oriented around concrete actions and results. I highly recommend Rhys as a consultant for product, customer and organizational development.


I'm currently working with Bentoism and some other initiatives in the post-capitalist space. If you're interested in individual coaching or company consulting, please reach out!