Our Evolution

How should humanity navigate accelerating change in the 21st century?

Surprisingly, all change is governed by evolution. Evolution works by producing a layer of structure that then persists over time. Over the last 14 billion years, evolution has built four layers: atoms, life, ideas, and code. To navigate the present, we should see how evolution made those layers, and then understand how humanity is currently domesticating them.

Here are examples of modern problems in each layer:

  • The geosphere only has 75 years of fossil fuels left
  • The biosphere will lose a million species to climate change
  • The anthroposphere has a billion people in poverty
  • The digisphere is building a new intelligence to rival humans

Our Evolution is broken into four parts, one for each layer. I use a library metaphor to represent each layer—there's a Library of Atoms, a Library of Genes, a Library of Ideas, and a Library of Code. In each part, I'll show how each library/layer was built and then look at how it's evolving in the 21st century today.

Part I

  • 14 billion – 4 billion years ago: Physical Evolution in the Library of Atoms
  • Today: Atoms in the 21st Century

Part II

  • 4 billion – 200,000 years ago: Biological Evolution in the Library of Genes
  • Today: Life in the 21st Century

Part III

  • 200,000 years ago – 1945: Cultural Evolution in the Library of Ideas
  • Today: Ideas in the 21st Century

Part IV

  • 1945 – present: Digital Evolution in the Library of Code
  • Today: Code in the 21st Century

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