Friends of Rhys Update #3

Hello all! This is a quick update on my progress and future direction. First off, a reminder on my “Deep Why”:

November-March Update:

  1. I co-organized and MC’ed ETHDenver, the largest Ethereum hackathon to date—1500 people! #BUIDL
  2. I performed my 1st self-imposed tax and gave $3000 to 6 causes. I became carbon neutral for the last 4 years, supported a year’s worth of basic income for someone, and created a grant to fund another steward of ETHCommons (apply here!). #CryptoPledge
  3. I continued my podcast, Creating a Humanist Blockchain Future—which now has over 30,000 plays! Listeners enjoyed my recent interviews with Robin Hanson, Pia Mancini, and Erik Voorhees. I also joined the Bitcoin Podcast Network and one of my listeners said: “If the nicest person in the world had to be assigned a voice, it would have to be Rhys.” Lul.
  4. I founded ETHCommons—a cross-project initiative to steward the commons and increase collaboration in the Ethereum ecosystem. Here are examples of cross-project calls that I’ve hosted: cryptoeconomic primitivesand hosting events. Here’s a live interview I did recently on how ETHCommons intersects with GameB.
  5. I read 12 books (and am now reading 2/3 female authors!). I’d recommend: Reset, Twitter and Tear Gas, and Deep Work.

Coming Up:

  1. I’m taking a 5-month global trip to various crypto hubs to speak and build community. Among other places, I’ll be in SF, Toronto, NYC, Denver, London, and Berlin. My full schedule is here.
  2. I’ll continue podcast interviews (some exciting ones en route!).
  3. We’ll “hire” the newest ETHCommons Steward.
  4. I’m likely to co-organize another event for late 2018. (More soon!)
  5. I’m also starting to curate a book on the transition to GameB: the intersection of tech and society, crypto, systems dynamics, and effective altruism. Let me know if you’re interested in contributing!


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About Me: My name is Rhys Lindmark and I’m a hyper curious and intentional social entrepreneur. My “deep why” is the transition to GameB. I podcast + steward ETHCommons + community organize ETHDenver. My 2018 resolution is to exist more in my spirit, emotion, and body. I’m an alumnus of Techstars Boulder 2015 (Edify). Please reach out if you’d like to connect or have feedback! I’m curious about what you’re working on. You can support me on Patreon, follow me on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: I own less than $5000 of any given cryptocurrency, so my monetary incentive is not too aligned with Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. :)