Setting Up Writing Processes

I want to do some "meta" work around my writing process. This is especially crucial when one hopes to  write consistently/daily (as I do!), and when one has a bunch of random ideas but isn't sure where they all fit (as I do!).

By meta I mean "anything that references the process, rather than the content". e.g. Writing about writing, categorizing posts, looking at my language itself, etc.

I'm going to start by:

  1. Creating a structured cadence for writing topics.
  2. Open-sourcing my article backlog

Creating an Intentional Cadence with Day-Based Topics

First, on cadences: A bunch of the bloggers that I follow have a type of content that they write on certain days. e.g. Albert Wenger writes about Uncertainty on Wednesdays. I'd like to choose some categories as well. (Personal aside: I have a difficult time committing to things, so this is a great forcing function!) Here's the starting categories I'll commit to until the end of April:

  • Meta Mondays (on language, processes, etc.)
  • Personal Wednesdays (on relationships, emotions, etc.)
  • Audio Fridays (where I will record audio [likely livestream] instead of the beginning it'll be reading my book)

Tuesday and Thursday will be open. (Not sure if I'm writing on the weekend yet.) FYI, here are other categories that I was tempted by: Games, Systems, Books, 中文, MIT/DCI.

Open-Sourcing My Backlog (Please Vote!)

Second, I'm going to "open-source" my blog article backlog. If you'd like to vote, please check out this Trello board and press V on any card to vote it up.

Not sure the long-term situation here, but I eventually see this co-evolving with Fiverr, Gitcoin, Projects I Wish I Had Time For, etc.