I want to do some "meta" work around my writing process. This is especially crucial when one hopes to  write consistently/daily (as I do!), and when one has a bunch of random ideas but isn't sure where they all fit (as I do!).

By meta I mean "anything that references the process, rather than the content". e.g. Writing about writing, categorizing posts, looking at my language itself, etc.

I'm going to start by:

  1. Creating a structured cadence for writing topics.
  2. Open-sourcing my article backlog

Creating an Intentional Cadence with Day-Based Topics

First, on cadences: A bunch of the bloggers that I follow have a type of content that they write on certain days. e.g. Albert Wenger writes about Uncertainty on Wednesdays. I'd like to choose some categories as well. (Personal aside: I have a difficult time committing to things, so this is a great forcing function!) Here's the starting categories I'll commit to until the end of April:

  • Meta Mondays (on language, processes, etc.)
  • Personal Wednesdays (on relationships, emotions, etc.)
  • Audio Fridays (where I will record audio [likely livestream] instead of write...at the beginning it'll be reading my book)

Tuesday and Thursday will be open. (Not sure if I'm writing on the weekend yet.) FYI, here are other categories that I was tempted by: Games, Systems, Books, 中文, MIT/DCI.

Open-Sourcing My Backlog (Please Vote!)

Second, I'm going to "open-source" my blog article backlog. If you'd like to vote, please check out this Trello board and press V on any card to vote it up.

Not sure the long-term situation here, but I eventually see this co-evolving with Fiverr, Gitcoin, Projects I Wish I Had Time For, etc.