How to Work With Me

I'm a big fan of:

Therefore, I'm going to open-source my HTMMW doc! It's here:

Some additional thoughts:


  • In the future, I imagine a set of these docs that exist at various levels of abstraction. i.e. HTWWM is closer to an internal doc (not as helpful externally). But you might want a doc for more inbound folks (e.g. with specific asks/requests, a mentorship application, etc.).
  • This feels directionally similar to how many folks add their pronouns (he/him) to their email/Twitter bio. What else should be added to that set of "intro to me"?
  • The API should also have a specific task <> $$ API for the abstracted gig economy (e.g. for all the things).
  • What is the most important internal doc that should be made transparent/public/open-source?

On Big 5 + Personality Traits

The Big 5 (+ shadow) method is the best way to map your personality. However, I wish I could switch the Big 5 terms for these two: [Conscientiousness --> Intentional] AND [Openness to Experience --> Curious].

Things that I don't think Big 5 captures:

  • Ambition. This is something I've recently "owned" about myself. It feels good to own it! Strive to create immense good in the world while being humble about the value others provide and all that you have left to learn.
  • Energetic/enthusiastic. This feels like a variant (or abstraction of) extroversion+openness to experience+conscientiousness. But it's possibly the most common way people describe me (as an "energizer bunny!"). Other possible synonyms: tenacious, determined, indefatigable.
  • Cerebral/mental. The opposite of emotional stability might capture this (though the opposite is actually neuroticism).
  • Honest. This feels like a variant on conscientiousness, but also involves personal "morality" (which is I guess why it doesn't show up here?).
  • Generative. AFACIT, this is an "outward-facing" variant on openness to experience.
  • Abstract/meta. This is captured as "Intuition" in Myers-Briggs.

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