The goal of this article is to find a great co-founder (or two!) for my company, Roote. Please reach out if this interests you!

I. What is Roote?

On its surface, Roote is an online school for systems thinking. Our mission is to empower ambitious frontier people to understand and manifest a positive future for humanity. We do this by running the Roote Fellowship (RF): a 6-week program where fellows come together to learn about and build post-capitalist projects. We've run RF1 and RF2, and are running RF3 in Jan 2021.

We'd love to grow our RF cohorts in the coming years. By 2025, we'd love to run 5 cohorts per year with 100+ fellows in each. Most importantly, we'd love to give every fellow an amazing experience that positively transforms their life path.

That doesn't quite show our full ambitions though. We want to help humanity transition to a post-capitalist world. We're fed up with the ravages of modern society: the climate crisis, vetocratic governments, extreme inequality, a broken information system, and more. The world can be so much better. We (I) want to help build it. But who am I?

II. Who am I?

I'm Rhys! And I'm excited to put in the hard work here. But I'm much better when I am pushed to do so. This is a bit embarrassing for me to share. Many folks have a natural competitive instinct that pushes them to achieve. I don't. Why can't I embrace a more cutthroat attitude?

Because Childhood™. I was always told to stay in the background, to stop winning. It's hard for me to want to win. I don't naturally push myself.

But I long to be pushed. I need it. Without it, I wander along without accountability. In the times I've been pushed, I've excelled as a teammate and friend.

That's issue #1. I don't have a competitive drive, but excel when I'm pushed. I'd love to work with someone who pushes me and wants to, well, win.

Issue #2 is that my natural state is to think abstractly, not concretely. This can be quite helpful for thinking about paradigms, systems, and institutions. But all that abstraction is worthless without relentless concrete action. I love to work with folks who can help implement abstract post-capitalist ideals.

III. What am I looking for? Who are you?

I'm looking for someone to shore up my blindspots. Someone who has a deep drive for ambition and success. Someone who has a bias towards concrete action.

And of course, I'm looking for someone who is deeply committed to the mission and values of Roote. You should want to envision, build, and personally embody a post-capitalist world.

If you're interested in possibly working together please reach out at (Or send your friends my way!) I'd love to know what makes you interested in Roote and how your deep self relates to competitiveness and concrete action. If there's a fit, we'll hop on a call and then start working on a project together.

As an important note: This is very much a co-founder type role—high risk, high return. Although I think Roote could be making substantially more money than we do now, payment at the beginning is largely in equity, learning, and network. (Right now Roote roughly makes $2000/month through the Roote Fellowship and my Patreon. I'd love to split that and equity with you as we scale. I expect to be making closer to $20,000/month by the end of 2021.)

Finally, I've written a more traditional job description for how I'm imagining this role. It's below.

Roote Co-Founder and COO

Role Overview

This is a unique opportunity to build the foundations of a networked post-capitalist humanity.

I started Roote in August 2020 to imagine and build a positive future by educating ambitious frontier people. I didn't know if anyone was even going to sign up. But 6 months and two fellowships later, we've had 11 Roote Fellows—the start of a community of post-capitalist builders.

We're now entering the next stage of Roote—growing the fellowship and influencing the larger global stage. I'm searching for great co-founders to help me in catalyzing this future.

What You'll Do

  • Work with Rhys to create a profitable online school.
  • Push the pace and ambition of Roote.
  • Co-develop the culture and processes of Roote as an organization.
  • Create an amazing student experience that turns Roote Fellows into enthusiastic supporters. (By specific actions like building a self-organizing fellows community and developing curriculum.)
  • Build relationships with aligned institutions to place and sponsor Roote Fellows.
  • Grow Roote's marketing funnel through content like The Rhys Show and Rhys' newsletter.
  • Co-organize a 500-person conference at the intersection of Roote's topics.
  • Divide back-of-house logistics for starting a company: legal formation, accounting, healthcare, etc.
  • Roughly speaking, your role can be seen as taking a massive backlog of Roote ideas, prioritizing, experimenting, and operationalizing them, and turning them into repeatable business models.

Who You Are

  • Have a strong bias toward concrete action. You should often ask: "Why can't this be done sooner?"
  • Have an innate competitive instinct and ambition. You should often ask: "Is this the most ambitious plan we could come up with?"
  • Align with Roote's guiding values: you search for root-level solutions, look to positively shape technology, believe "everything in moderation, even moderation", think holistically about human needs, and operate from a place of abundant generosity.
  • Thrive in uncertainty. You enjoy creating certainty from uncertainty.
  • Interdisciplinary and relentlessly curious about the world. You get excited by the Roote RFPs and this reading list.
  • Have many skills and are excited to learn more. You'll learn whatever it takes to solve a problem for Roote. You are comfortable with some code but lean towards no-code.
  • A teacher and community builder.
  • Want to focus for 10+ years on world-class company building.

Why You Might Be Excited About Us

  • You get to be weird and creative. This is not a traditional VC firm, tech company, online school, or academic research hub.
  • You want to work with me. Here is my How to Work With Me Manual.
  • We have a great network. You want to work with global leaders and ambitious frontier people.

Why You Might *Not* Be Excited About Us

  • You aren't comfortable with the uncertainty of an early-stage startup.
  • You aren't aligned with the Roote values.
  • You aren't aligned with the Roote mission. We have a multidisciplinary, global, humanity-level, long-term scope. Roote isn't a fit if you want to focus on a specific field at the local level.

Location, Start Date and Compensation

I live in San Francisco, but Roote Fellows are all around the world, and this job can be done remotely. Still, I have a strong preference for in-person in the Bay Area.

Compensation for this role is: a) An equal equity stake as Rhys in Roote. b) Half of all income until we grow the team more.

You would start as soon as possible.