Switching from Medium to Ghost!

Lots of folks have been moving off of Medium recently because they're annoyed with things like Medium's paywall. I've been thinking about doing this as well. For me, it's mostly about the ability to "curate" my content for my audience, i.e. with a navigation bar. (You can see my book, podcast, and reading list above!)

Anywho, I've done some research on which platform to use and I've chosen Ghost! I really like Ghost because they're an independent non-profit organization, all of their code is under a free open source license, and their business model is completely transparent. Pretty awesome and aligned with my values. However, like most things that are aligned with my values (e.g. cage-free eggs), it's more expensive ($30/month!). Still, I feel happy to pay a bit to support OSS (and I'll likely categorize part of it, $20/month, as part of my self-tax).

Other good options were:

  • WordPress (more customizable, but too much work for me given that I just want to blog)
  • Posthaven ($5/month, but no commenting ability)

Now that I have a dedicated site, I'm hoping to get closer to a daily writing routine. Subscribe below!