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Nov 06, 2019:  Personal Wednesday: Using "I Am" Statements to Make Your Identity Large
Jul 11, 2019:  What is #BlockchainEthics and Why Should We Care?
Jul 08, 2019:  #CryptoEthics Concepts: Decentralization-Enabled Unstoppable Code
Jun 26, 2019:  Personal Wednesdays: Understanding The Process of Therapy
Jun 25, 2019:  The "Mother of All Demos" for Crypto?
Jun 24, 2019:  Meta Monday: Getting Back on the Writing Horse (and public accountability)
Jun 12, 2019:  Defining Meta Existential Risk
Jun 10, 2019:  Use These 5 Powerful Mindsets To Understand Our Uncertain World
Jun 03, 2019:  Meta Mondays: (language to use when) Seeing as a Human Organism
May 23, 2019:  The Difficulties of a Non-Weaponizable Mindset. (e.g. Who is our enemy? Can we use shame?)
May 22, 2019:  Personal Wednesdays: I'm Excited to Hang Out with My Dad This Friday
May 21, 2019:  Meta Mondays (Language): Using "Find-Replace" for Multi-Perspective Thinking
May 20, 2019:  Better is Worse
May 16, 2019:  Personal Wednesday: My "How to Work With Me" Manual (as API) + Thoughts on Big 5
May 14, 2019:  Blockchain Wins Over Developers with Self-Actualization (in addition to Integrity)
May 10, 2019:  The Remixability of Hashtags, #_____LivesMatter, and #FutureLivesMatter
May 08, 2019:  Personal Wednesday: Categorizing Needs
Apr 30, 2019:  Different Types of Community at the MIT Media Lab
Apr 29, 2019:  Book Review: "Just Giving" by Rob Reich, A Political Theory of Philanthropy
Apr 21, 2019:  Self-Tax Sunday: How a Self-Tax Constraint Breeds Creativity
Apr 18, 2019:  What Emerging Movements Should One Track? (and a quick reflection on RadicalXChange)
Apr 17, 2019:  Personal Wednesdays: Attachment vs. Non-attachment (Stoicism, Buddhism)
Apr 15, 2019:  Meta Monday: How I Use Punctuation
Apr 14, 2019:  #SelfTaxSunday: Carbon Offsets as a Service
Apr 11, 2019:  What To Do When You're Behind on Writing? (Link folks to Good Content! Doctorow's Terra Nullius)
Apr 10, 2019:  Personal Wednesdays: Brainstorming Topics
Apr 09, 2019:  Club Goods, Digital Infrastructure, and Blockchains
Apr 08, 2019:  Meta Mondays: Setting Up Writing Processes
Apr 07, 2019:  Book Review: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Apr 04, 2019:  Getting $1000 of Free Stuff is a Manifestation of Abundance
Apr 03, 2019:  My Process for Finding Weird Music
Apr 02, 2019:  Switching from Medium to Ghost!
Mar 21, 2019:  A Visual Representation of Liberal Radicalism
Mar 20, 2019:  How Different Religions Sustain Themselves Through Self-Taxing
Mar 18, 2019:  Applying Axelrod’s “Theory of Cooperation” to Universal Tithing
Mar 07, 2019:  We Should Tithe More! (and where I’m personally giving 20% of my income)
Mar 07, 2019:  Additional Notes on Universal Tithing
Mar 07, 2019:  Other Advantages of Universal Tithing
Nov 09, 2018:  Devcon4 Recap (For Non-Ethereans!)
Sep 30, 2018:  Expanding Hans Rosling’s “Factfulness”: Why We Should Use 5 Levels Instead of 4
Sep 24, 2018:  Rhys Joins MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative!
Sep 13, 2018:  Crypto is Networked Nonviolent Protest
Aug 04, 2018:  What’s Our Goal? To Do Good. But for Who on What Timescale? (Book Chapter 2)
Jul 28, 2018:  Meta-Frameworks: How Should We Think About Frameworks Themselves? (Book Chapter 1)
Jul 26, 2018:  “The Sovereign Individual” Book Review: Takeaways, Quotes, and Critique
Jul 21, 2018:  Daily #2: The Need for Conservatism and Progressivism in Times of Exponential Change
Jul 20, 2018:  Daily #1: Critiquing Paul Graham’s “Startup = Growth”
Jul 19, 2018:  1st Chapter of Book (for Feedback!)
Apr 26, 2018:  What Actually Is #ETHCommons? An Overview of Memes as an “Institutional Vehicle” + An ETH Ecosystem Analysis
Apr 05, 2018:  Friends of Rhys Update #3: Q1 2018
Mar 29, 2018:  CryptoPledge #1: Abundance Begets Abundance—Giving $3000 (16% of My Net Worth) to 6 Causes!
Dec 13, 2017:  Co-evolving the Phase Shift to GameB by Founding The Ethereum Commons
Nov 06, 2017:  Grow Your Startup and Communicate More Effectively with Actionable Takeaways from These 19 Books
Oct 14, 2017:  “Creating a Humanist Blockchain Future” Season 1—A Daily Systems Podcast and Pledge to Decentralize Power
Jun 21, 2017:  Outline of Topics/Projects in the Blockchain-Based Attention Economy
Jun 06, 2017:  Macro Blockchain #1: The End of Aggregation Theory